Adult Ministries

We seek to connect to each other and the world through a variety of adult ministries. Our ministries always welcome new participates! Let us know how we can help you connect!


*Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School class meets at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. The class studies current events and how they relate to our faith. Coffee and laughter is always available in abundance!


*Evening Bible Study Group

The Evening Bible Study group started as a way for the working women in the church to have a bible study as they could not attend the daytime groups, but over the years it has evolved into being an ecumenical group open to anyone interested in fellowship and a good study. They meet at 7:00p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month usually at a residence.


*Men's Breakfast Study

Presbyterian Men’s Bible study has been meeting regularly since it began in 2005. Topics have ranged from lessons over books to weekly studies from different sections of the Bible. We begin at 6:30 each Tuesday meeting at the Family Table Restaurant and cover the lesson material after we have placed our breakfast order.   We welcome anyone who is interested to join the lively conversations and the Christian fellowship.




QuiltersThe Presbyterian Quilters began their custom hand quilting organization in January 1972.  In those first years, ten to twelve women met on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to stitch together the tops that others had pieced to make the finished quilt.  A small fee was charged for the work and the money was used for projects around the church and scholarships for youth.  The group taught others the craft and prided themselves on small stitches, but they also were a fellowship of women bonded together in friendship as well. Tea time was important and anyone was welcome to join them at that time.  Now nearly 40 years later, the Quilters are still stitching away on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons with the same ideals and dedication, but a smaller group of people.


*Presbyterian Women

The Presbyterian Women meet the 3rd Monday, nine months a year for a general meeting, bible study, and mission work.   PW meetings are held Sept.-Dec. (1:30 P.M.).  Each year we use the “Horizons Bible Study”.

Small Groups

Here at First United Presbyterian, We want YOU to feel like you are surrounded by folks that care about you. Our small groups offer community and fellowship outside the large circle of family we call church!

Get Connected!

Older Adult Fellowship.
Midlife Adult Fellowship



  • “The church is my North. Like a compass, it gives me direction and focus. But more, the church gives love and purpose."Margaret Magill
  • “... I love the people, the fellowship, and believe God wants us to be in community with one another”Gaylord Schelling