Stewardship is how we use our God-given gifts; it is how we use our talents, our time, and our resources. These are very familiar words, yet they carry a ring of truth. Stewardship is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world.


Financial giving to the church provides funds in support of our local church's mission. That mission includes the general operation of the church (staff and building) as well as local and world wide mission of the PCUSA.


This button will take you to our online giving form hosted by the Presbyterian Foundation and managed by Vanco.



The form looks like this. It allows you to give to either the General Fund or to Mission as a one time payment or as a re-occurring payment. You can use your bank or a credit/debit card as a method of payment. If you setup a profile, with a username and password, you can keep track of your payments over time.


Mobile App available from Vanco: 'Give+'
Search for "GivePlus Church" on either Apple Store or Google Play